What Is A Spa Towel

Spa towels are an essential part of any spa experience. They are designed to be soft, absorbent, and often oversized to provide maximum comfort and luxury. Spa towels differ from regular bath towels in several ways.

Spa Towels

When you visit a spa, you’ll be provided with spa towels to use throughout your treatment and during your time in the relaxation lounge. The spa wants to pamper you with towels that feel great against your skin and envelop you in softness.

Spa towels are made from very absorbent fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and microfiber. This allows them to soak up water quickly without feeling wet or damp. Regular bath towels can sometimes feel scratchy or leave moisture behind on your skin. Spa towels have extra-soft fibers and construction to pamper your body.

The generous size of spa towels is another distinguishing factor. They are often oversized to wrap completely around you. Having a large towel to dry off with or lounge in is part of the spa’s luxury experience.

Bath Sheets

Extra large bath sheets are commonly used in spas. They measure around 35 x 70 inches, much bigger than a standard 27 x 52 inch bath towel. The oversized dimensions allow you to comfortably wrap yourself up in the soft fabric.

Spa bath sheets envelop your body in softness as you dry off after a shower or soak in a hydrotherapy tub. The ample size is also great for lounging in the relaxation lounge before or after your treatment.



Plush bathrobes are often provided to spa guests to wear in between treatments or use in the lounge area. Like bath sheets, robes have oversized dimensions to cocoon your body in comfort.

Spa robes are made from super soft materials like terry cloth, microfiber, or cotton. They will have a hood and belt so you can wrap up in warmth and privacy. Luxury spa robes are durable enough for multiple uses but still have an ultra-soft hand against the skin.

Hand Towels

Small hand towels are a spa essential during facials, massages, and other treatments. They are used to drape over your body for privacy and warmth. Hand towels may be lightly dampened with warm water or aromatherapy oils to enhance the treatment.

Estheticians and massage therapists will also use hand towels to remove lotions, masks or oils from your skin during the service. The soft fibers gently cleanse the skin without irritation. Having freshly laundered hand towels for each client is an important sanitary measure.

Face Cloths

Mini washcloths referred to as face cloths are used to refresh your face during spa treatments. Your esthetician will provide a freshly laundered face cloth soaked in warm water to gently wipe your face removing impurities or makeup.

Facecloths may also be used to apply creams, masks, oils, or exfoliating scrubs. The esthetician can precisely control the pressure when using the small hand towel size for facial care. Expect your face cloth to be warmed before every use.

Bath Sheets for Manicures

When you get a manicure or pedicure, your technician will wrap your hands or feet in a soft cotton bath sheet while they work. Tucking you under a bath sheet helps keep you warm and comfortable during the service.

It catches any oil, lotion, or water drips during your mani/pedi keeping your clothing protected. The white bath sheets are also a clean backdrop for the nail technician to work on applying polish neatly.

Bathing Tub Size Towels

Some luxury spa facilities offer guests the use of a public bathing area with hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and cold plunges. Oversized bath sheets are provided to dry off with and wrap up in between dips.

These multi-purpose spa towels are similar in size to bath sheets but a bit smaller for ease of use while moving around the bathing area. They give spa guests privacy while walking to the next hydrotherapy station.

Why Use Spa Towels?

There are several reasons why spa towels are preferable to regular bath towels for pampering guests:

  • Soft fibers – Spa towels use extra soft cotton, bamboo, or microfiber that feels soothing against bare skin.
  • Absorbency – Spa towels are highly absorbent to soak up water without remaining damp.
  • Oversized dimensions – Large spa towels can wrap around your whole body for comfort and privacy.
  • Hygienic – Freshly laundered spa towels are provided for each guest and each use.
  • Warmth – Spa towels may be warmed before use for comfort and relaxation.
  • Luxury – High-quality spa towels provide a touch of luxury to enhance the spa experience.
  • Multipurpose – Spa towels can be used for lounging, bathing, treatments, drying, and warmth.

The right spa towels are an important part of any spa visit. Their softness, absorbency, and generous size help create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Spas invest in high-quality towels to pamper their guests.

Caring for Spa Towels

To keep spa towels feeling their best, proper laundering and storage is important. Here are some tips for spa towel care:

  • Wash towels separately from regular laundry to prevent lint transfer. Use a gentle, fragrance-free detergent.
  • Add white vinegar to the rinse cycle to keep towels soft and absorbent. Vinegar removes soap residue.
  • Avoid using fabric softener which can cause buildup on the fibers over time.
  • Shake out each towel before folding to prevent stiff creases from forming. Roll or loosely fold towels.
  • Store towels in a linen closet, not sealed in an airtight container. Let them breathe.
  • Wash towels frequently as they accumulate oils, creams, and dirt from frequent use. High heat drying and hot water washing help sanitize.

With proper laundering and storage methods, spa towels can maintain their luxurious softness and absorbency for many uses. Staff should inspect each towel for staining before using it with clients. Follow these care instructions for the best quality spa towels.

Types of Fabrics Used for Spa Towels

Spa towels are made from absorbent fabrics chosen for their softness and durability. Here are some common towel fabric options:

  • Egyptian cotton – Known for extra-long fibers that create very soft towels. The grade of cotton impacts absorbency and weight.
  • Turkish cotton – Dense pile cotton that becomes softer over time. Dries quickly while remaining lightweight.
  • Bamboo – Made from renewable bamboo fibers, these towels are silky soft, antimicrobial, and absorbent.
  • Microfiber – Synthetic microfiber has excellent water-wicking properties. It’s very lightweight and fast-drying.
  • Polyester – Often blended with cotton for a budget-friendly but soft and absorbent towel.

Look for towels made with natural fibers like cotton for the highest quality and softness. Bamboo and microfiber are also good choices. Consider the spa’s needs for absorbency, strength, and laundering ease when selecting fabrics.

Buying Tips for Spa Towels

Here are some handy tips for buying bulk quantities of spa towels for your business:

  • Set a budget per towel considering durability, lifespan, and per-use cost.
  • Consider the climate – Warmer locations may prefer lightweight, fast-drying towels.
  • Buy complete sets – Purchase bath sheets, hand towels, robes, etc. together in coordinated colors.
  • Feel samples – Order a few first to ensure the weave, weight, softness, and absorbency suit your needs.
  • Read reviews – Check feedback from other spa owners before purchasing large quantities.
  • Purchase extras – Plan for stronger usage, replacement, and laundry rotations.
  • Embroider logos – Customize some or all of your spa towels for a signature touch.

The most important factor is choosing spa towels that feel indulgent when wrapped around wet skin. Prioritize quality, softness, and absorbency as you build your spa towel collection.

Displaying Spa Towels

Displaying Spa Towels

The right display helps highlight your spa’s beautiful towels in the treatment rooms and retail area. Here are some ideas:

  • Roll towels and place them in a decorative basket or bowl.
  • Neatly fold towels in a pyramid pile to showcase various sizes.
  • Hang bath sheets and robes on display hooks or racks.
  • Place rolled hand towels in wire baskets or ceramic canisters.
  • Drape bath sheets and robes over treatment tables, stools, or loungers.
  • Use wall-mounted or freestanding shelving to neatly fold towels.

Well-presented spa towels catch the client’s eye and reinforce the sense of indulgence your spa wants to create. Display them prominently whenever possible.

Laundering Spa Towels

To provide fresh, clean towels for every client, spas need efficient commercial laundry procedures. Here are some best practices:

  • Use large-capacity washers and dryers to handle high volumes.
  • Wash towels separately from other laundries on a hot sanitizing cycle.
  • Use a commercial-grade detergent designed for spa fabrics. Avoid scented products.
  • Add white vinegar to the rinse for extra softening and to prevent residue buildup.
  • Use high heat for drying or opt for air drying to avoid over-drying the fibers.
  • Fold and store towels immediately – do not leave sit-in machines.

A laundry service may be a convenient option if your spa lacks the necessary equipment. Just confirm their methods meet sanitation requirements.

With frequent washing and drying, spa towels will maintain their soft luxury and be hygienically clean for all your clients. Invest in commercial-grade spa laundry products for the best results and the longest towel life span.

Choosing Spa Towel Colors

Choosing Spa Towel Colors

Most spas opt for classic white spa towels. The crisp clean look conveys sanitation and luxury. However, you can incorporate colors to match your brand.

  • Solid colors — Choose a neutral palette like beige, tan, or light gray for a coordinated look.
  • Woven stripes — Thin stripes in coordinating accent colors add subtle visual interest.
  • Monogram — Consider custom embroidering towels with your logo or initials.
  • Color coding — Different color towels help staff designate usage in treatment rooms.
  • Retail display — Vibrant bath sheets or robes displayed together grab attention.
  • Seasonal colors — Change out hand towels and robes to reflect seasonal hues.

While white remains the classic spa towel color, subtle use of colors can enhance your brand identity. Just keep the base colors light to showcase cleanliness.


What temperature should spa towels be heated to prior to use?

Spa towels are typically warmed to approximately 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit before being provided to guests. This ensures the towels feel hot and cozy but not dangerously hot when wrapped around bare skin. Warm towels help guests relax and also prepare the skin for treatments. Towels can be warmed in towel steamers or dryers designed specifically for spa use. Be sure your heating methods meet safety standards.

How frequently should spa towels be replaced?

For sanitary reasons, spa towels should only be used once before being laundered. However, the average lifespan of a spa towel is typically 50 washes before needing replacement. Higher quality towels with strong construction may last up to 75 washes. Rotate new and older towels so they are constantly being refreshed. Inspect all towels for holes, stains, or fraying at edges – any damaged towels should be discarded immediately.

What techniques keep spa towels extra soft?

Start with high-quality towels made from soft natural fibers like Egyptian cotton. Add white vinegar during the rinse cycle to keep towels soft – it removes detergent residue. Shake out towels before folding or rolling them to prevent stiff creases. Avoid overly drying them. Store towels loosely rather than compressing. And do not use fabric softener which causes buildup on the fibers that reduces softness over time. Follow these steps and your spa towels will stay plush and fluffy.

What’s the difference between a bath sheet and a bath towel?

Bath sheets are substantially larger than bath towels. They measure approximately 35 x 70 inches whereas bath towels are usually around 27 x 52 inches. The extra size allows bath sheets to wrap fully around the body for a luxurious spa experience. Spas provide oversized bath sheets, robes, and hand towels to envelope guests in softness during treatments and lounging.

Should spa towels be washed in hot or cold water?

It’s best to wash spa towels in very hot water, around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The high heat helps remove oils and dirt picked up through repeated use. Hot water washing also serves as an added sanitation measure to kill any bacteria present on the used towels. Use a commercial-grade detergent made for spa fabrics. Skip the fabric softener. Then dry on high heat or air dry to complete the laundering process.


High-quality spa towels are an essential investment for any spa business.

Their soft texture and absorbency enhance the client experience and give a sense of luxury.

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