What Is A Salon Towel

Salon towels are more than just a tool to dry hair or protect your styling chair. They are also vital to the client experience and can influence how they perceive your salon.

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Your towels can make a big difference in how your clients feel about your salon. They can show your professionalism and care for your client’s comfort and satisfaction.

Clean, soft towels can create a positive impression, while old or dirty towels can do the opposite. That’s why you need to pay attention to the quality and appearance of your towels.

Different Types of Salon Towels

  • Hand towels: Hand towels can do many things in a salon. They are small and easy for different purposes, such as cleaning a client’s face, protecting the neck during a haircut, or drying the hands. When you buy hand towels for your salon, look for ones that are absorbent, soft, and strong.
  • Bath towels: You also need bigger bath towels in your salon besides hand towels. These towels cover a client’s shoulders after washing or treating the hair. They make the client feel warm and comfortable. When you choose bath towels for your salon, go for quality and durability. These towels will be used a lot and washed often.
  • Facial towels: Facial towels are made for the skin of the face. They are usually smaller and softer than hand towels. They may be made from special materials like microfiber or bamboo to clean the skin well. If your salon has facial services or needs care for the face, you should get high-quality facial towels.
  • Gym and sports towels: Some salons have fitness and sports services, such as showers or massages after working out. In these cases, you need gym and sports towels in your salon. These towels are essential for your salon’s inventory.

Materials and Features: Choosing the Right Salon Towel

Salon towels are usually made of cotton, a natural fiber that absorbs water well, feels soft, and lasts long. Some cotton towels are better than others, depending on the kind of cotton (Egyptian, Turkish, or Pima cotton are high-quality) and the GSM (grams per square meter), which tells you how dense and absorbent the towel is.

Another material for salon towels is microfiber, a synthetic fabric with very thin fibers that can soak up moisture fast and effectively. Microfiber towels work great for salon services, like facials or hair treatments needing quick drying.

Bamboo towels are also becoming more popular in salons because they are eco-friendly, soft, and antibacterial. They are made from the bamboo plant’s fibers, a renewable resource. They are also very absorbent and gentle on the skin, which makes them perfect for facial treatments or clients with sensitive skin.

Color and Design: Reflecting Your Salon’s Identity

Salons often use white towels because they look clean, professional, and elegant. They also help you spot any stains or flaws easily. But white towels can wear out faster than colored ones and need more frequent replacement.

If you want to show your salon’s personality and style, use colorful towels instead. A good color scheme can make your salon more cozy and attractive. Choose high-quality towels with colors that don’t fade after washing.

You can also use branded towels with your salon’s logo or name. This adds a professional touch and helps you advertise your salon. Your clients will remember your brand better and become more loyal.

Care and Maintenance: Maximizing the Lifespan of Salon Towels

Washing your salon towels regularly and correctly helps them look good and stay clean.

Follow these steps to wash your towels:

  • Use a suitable detergent and cycle for your towels. Check the label for the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Sort your towels by color and type before washing them. This prevents damage and bleeding.
  • Add a disinfectant to your wash to kill any germs on your towels.

It would be best to store your towels properly to keep them fresh and high-quality.

Follow these tips to store your towels:

  • Please keep them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and heat. This protects them from fading and damage.
  • Keep your towel storage area tidy and clean. Don’t mix clean towels with used ones to avoid spreading germs.


When to replace salon towels?

Replace your salon towels when they look worn out or damaged.

For example, if they have frayed edges, faded colors, or stubborn stains.

Check your towels regularly and replace them when needed.

This way, you can keep a professional look and make your clients comfortable.

What kind of towels are best for salons?

Different salons may prefer different kinds of towels.

Cotton is the most popular choice, but microfiber and bamboo towels have some benefits too.

Think about how well the towels absorb water, how soft they feel, and how long they last when you choose the best towels for your salon.

How to keep salon towels hygienic?

To keep your salon towels hygienic, wash them properly and regularly.

Use the suitable detergent and washing cycle for your towels.

Follow the instructions on the towel labels.

Separate your towels by color and type to avoid mixing them up.

How does towel color affect your salon’s brand?

The color of your towels can make a big difference in how your salon looks and feels. White towels are classic and elegant, showing you care about hygiene and quality.

Colorful towels are fun and lively, letting you express your unique style.

You can also use branded towels with your salon’s name or logo to promote your business and create a loyal customer base.

How to switch to more eco-friendly towels for your salon?

If you want to use more eco-friendly towels, look for towels made of natural or recycled materials like organic cotton, bamboo, or recycled fibers.

These towels are better for the environment and for your skin.

Check the labels for certifications like GOTS or OEKO-TEX, meaning the towels meet high environmental and social responsibility standards.

You can also recycle your old or damaged towels and give them a new life.


Salon towels may look like a small detail, but they are essential for your salon’s success.

Your clients want to feel comfortable and happy when they visit your salon. That’s why you must choose quality towels that suit your salon’s needs and take good care of them.

You must also consider how your towels reflect your salon’s image and values. For example, you can choose eco-friendly towels to show you care about the environment.

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