What is A Golf Towel

Golf towels may seem like a basic accessory, but they serve some important purposes for golfers. When you’re out on the course, having a quality golf towel can enhance your gameplay. Golf towels are used by both amateur golfers and professionals.

Golf Towels

The main reason golf towels are useful is because they help keep your hands and equipment clean and dry. This improves your grip and contact, allowing you to play better. Let’s look at the key ways golf towels are utilized on the course.

Cleaning Golf Clubs

One of the main uses of a golf towel is to clean your clubs during the round. After every shot with an iron club, you’ll want to give it a wipe down with your towel.

When you make contact with the ground, debris like dirt, sand, grass, and mud can get stuck in the grooves of the clubhead. If you don’t clean out those particles, your next shot can be negatively affected. Dirty grooves reduce spin and shot accuracy.

That’s why you’ll see pros and their caddies constantly cleaning clubfaces with a towel. A quick wipe keeps the club in pristine condition for optimal performance. It also prevents rust from building up over time.

Using a damp section of your towel helps remove grime more effectively. Having a dry section ready allows you to buff the club afterward. Carrying two towels (one wet, one dry) is a smart strategy employed by many golfers.

Cleaning Golf Balls

Cleaning Golf Balls

In addition to clubs, golf towels help keep balls clean during the round. Mud, grass, dirt, and sand can easily accumulate on the ball’s surface.

This debris alters the aerodynamics of the ball, potentially causing it to curve or roll offline. That’s why you want to keep your ball as clean as possible before shots. Give it a quick wipe with your towel to maintain optimal performance.

Cleaning balls is especially important on the greens. Even tiny particles stuck on the ball can affect how smoothly it rolls. You don’t want anything disrupting an important putt, so keep that towel handy when on the green.

Drying Hands and Grips

Another vital use for golf towels is drying moisture from hands and club grips. Sweaty hands lead to an inferior grip, which makes it harder to control your swing and shots. Excessive palm moisture can also transfer to the grip, causing slippage.

On hot and humid days, regularly drying your hands with a towel will help you maintain a solid hold on the club. You also want to wipe down grips to keep them as dry as possible. Having a separate towel just for hands/grips is recommended.

If it’s raining during your round, having a very absorbent towel is crucial. Drying grips before each swing gives you a better chance of hitting a quality shot in wet conditions.

Other Golf Towel Uses

In addition to the major uses above, here are some other ways golf towels can be handy:

  • Wiping sweat from your face so it doesn’t drip into your eyes
  • Drying a wet clubface and grip if you hit the water
  • Placing on wet ground to keep clubs and shoes from getting muddy
  • Cleaning other accessories like ball markers, divot tools, gloves
  • Wiping down your golf bag after a round to remove dirt

Golf towels have many helpful applications beyond just drying hands or balls. High-quality microfiber towels will provide the absorbency and durability needed to handle a variety of golfing demands.

Popular Types of Golf Towels

Now that you know why they’re useful, let’s look at some of the popular styles of golf towels seen on courses:

  • Caddie towel – Oversized towel often carried by caddies. Used for drying hands, grips, and sweat.
  • Greens towel – Smaller towel kept damp and used for cleaning balls on the green.
  • Tri-fold towel – Towel folded into thirds. Allows separating wet/dry sections.
  • Microfiber towel – Made from microfiber material that’s very absorbent and fast-drying.
  • Cooling towel – Made from a special material that provides a cooling sensation when wet.
  • Waffle weave towel – Terry cloth towel with a waffle texture that helps scrub the dirt off clubs.
  • Slit towel – Towel with a slit so it can slide over a club for easy access.
  • Club glove – Towel with a built-in pouch/glove for storing small accessories.

There are lots of varieties when it comes to golf towels. Opt for the size, material, and features that best suit your needs out on the course.

How to Carry Golf Towels

The standard way to carry towels is by attaching them to your golf bag. Most bags have loops or clips at the top designed to hold towels in place.

Many towels will have a grommet or carabiner on one corner that allows you to easily connect it to the bag. If you have multiple towels, utilize different loops/clips to keep them separated.

Some towels have a slit so they can simply slide over the shaft of a club in your bag. This keeps the towel in place while also making it easily accessible.

If your bag doesn’t have towel loops, you can also place towels inside the pockets. Just know they’ll be less handy to use during shots.

Why Invest in Quality Golf Towels?

After learning about all the ways golf towels are used, you can see why having a good one is important for your game. Cheap towels won’t cut it – invest in ones made from high-quality materials.

Microfiber golf towels are popular because they’re extremely absorbent, fast-drying, and durable. The microfiber weave also effectively traps dirt particles for superior cleaning ability.

Spending a few extra bucks on a performance towel will pay off through many rounds of optimized play. Don’t let wet, dirty equipment sabotage your game. Quality towels like CaddyDaddy Cocona towels get the job done.

Next time you’re shopping for golf gear, pick up one or two good golf towels to add to your bag. Keeping your hands, clubs, and balls clean will help you play your best golf.


How many times can you reuse a golf towel before washing it?

You’ll want to wash your golf towel about once every 2-3 rounds of golf. Towels build up dirt, body oils, and bacteria over repeated uses. Washing it regularly keeps it hygienic and like new. Depending on the towel material, washing every 6-10 uses is generally recommended.

What size golf towel is best?

The ideal size for a golf towel is around 16 x 22 inches. This allows you to fully dry hands and grips while also being compact enough for easy carrying. Larger towels around 24 x 16 inches are better suited for use by caddies. For wiping balls on the green, smaller towels of around 12 x 12 inches work well.

Should you use the same golf towel on balls and clubs?

It’s best to use separate golf towels for cleaning balls versus clubs. Towels used on clubfaces collect much more dirt, grass, and grease. Using such a soiled towel to wipe your ball could negatively affect its roll. Designate one cleaner towel just for wiping down balls before putting them.

How do you attach a golf towel without a loop or clip?

If your golf bag lacks built-in loops, you can attach a towel by tying it to the bag handles or an exterior ring. Sliding the corner grommet over your putter head also works. Lastly, place the towel inside a zippered pocket or pouch to keep it contained but handy.

What makes microfiber golf towels better than regular cotton towels?

Microfiber golf towels are highly absorbent, so they dry hands and equipment faster. The tight microfiber weave also attracts and traps dirt better than cotton. Microfiber towels are more durable and resistant to fraying over time. They also launder better, maintaining softness after repeated washings.


Keep clubs, balls, and hands clean and dry for optimized shots and confident gripping. Consider carrying multiple towels with different designated uses. premium materials like microfiber offer superior absorbency and dirt removal.

Look for built-in features like grommets, slits, or pouches that make towels more functional and convenient.

Your golf game depends on quality equipment, so invest in golf towels that get the job done.

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