Caddy Towel vs. Golf Towel

For most golfers, having a quality golf towel is an essential part of their gear. A good golf towel can help keep your equipment clean and optimized for peak performance.

Caddy Towel vs. Golf Towel

However, with so many options available, choosing the right golf towel can be confusing. The two main styles of golf towels are caddy towels and standard golf towels.

What is a Caddy Towel?

A caddy towel is a large, thick towel that is designed specifically for golfers. The name comes from the fact that caddies often use these extra-large towels.

Here are the key features of caddy towels:

  • Size – Caddy towels are much bigger than standard golf towels. They are usually around 16 x 25 inches or even larger. The large surface area makes them ideal for thoroughly cleaning golf clubs.
  • Materials – Caddy towels are made from highly absorbent materials, usually a microfiber or terry cloth. This allows them to soak up a lot of water and effectively clean grooves.
  • Design – Caddy towels have a slit or hole in the middle. This allows you to slide the towel onto your golf bag or drape it over a club. It stays in place without clips or fasteners.
  • Durability – The thick material of caddy towels makes them very durable. They can withstand frequent use and machine washing without falling apart.

Caddy towels are extra large, super absorbent towels specifically engineered for cleaning and drying golf gear out on the course. Their design makes club cleaning a breeze.

What is a Golf Towel?

A standard golf towel can refer to any towel a golfer uses, but typically it means a smaller “clip” style towel. Here are the key attributes of most golf towels:

  • Size – Golf towels are smaller, usually around 12 x 12 inches up to 16 x 16 inches. The compact size makes them easy to attach to a golf bag.
  • Materials – Like caddy towels, golf towels are made from absorbent microfiber or terry cloth. But they are thinner and not as plush.
  • Design – Golf towels have a grommet or clip so they can be secured to the golf bag. This prevents them from falling off.
  • Durability – Smaller golf towels are less durable than caddy towels. They tend to show wear and tear faster.

Standard golf towels are smaller, clip-on style towels used for general cleaning and drying purposes on the course. They lack the large size and specialized design of caddy towels.

Caddy Towel vs Golf Towel – Key Differences

Now that we’ve defined caddy towels and golf towels, let’s directly compare their attributes:

  • Size – The main difference is size. Caddy towels are much larger than regular golf towels.
  • Cleaning Ability – The large size and absorbent material of caddy towels allows them to clean clubs more effectively. They can also clean the grips and entire shafts.
  • Durability – Caddy towels are made of thick material that is very rugged and durable. Golf towels wear out faster.
  • Design – Caddy towels feature a slit to slide over clubs. Golf towels have a grommet or clip attachment.
  • Price – Caddy towels cost a little more than standard golf towels due to their premium materials and construction.

Caddy towels excel at club cleaning whereas golf towels are better for miscellaneous tasks like drying hands and balls. Most golfers opt to carry one of each style.

Benefits of Using a Caddy Towel

Caddy towels provide some significant benefits for golfers:

  • Thorough club cleaning – The large size and absorbent material can soak up moisture, scrub grooves, and get the entire club face clean of dirt and debris. This optimizes spin and contact.
  • Grip cleaning – Caddy towels easily fit around the entire grip allowing you to wipe off dirt, sand, and oils that can make grips slick. Clean grips improve control.
  • Convenience – The slit designmeans you don’t need clips or attachments. Just drape over any club and the caddy towel stays securely in place on your bag.
  • Durability – Caddy towels can withstand hundreds of rounds and machine washings. This makes them a good long-term investment.
  • Confidence – Having pristine, clean clubs can provide a mental boost and increase confidence in your equipment.

The excellent club cleaning power of caddy towels makes them popular with golfers who want peak performance.

Benefits of Using a Golf Towel

While caddy towels are ideal for cleaning, standard golf towels offer advantages of their own:

  • Portability – The compact size means golf towels are easy to clip on the bag and bring anywhere on the course.
  • Drying hands/balls – The Clip style makes it easy to access a golf towel quickly to dry hands, balls, shoes and other equipment.
  • Affordability – Golf towels provide reliable performance at a lower cost than caddy towels. They can be replaced more often.
  • Variety – Golf towels come in a vast array of colors, materials, and designs. You can get one matching your style.
  • Multipurpose – Their absorbent material makes golf towels useful for drying hands, balls, clubs, and more both on and off the course.

For convenience and utility, the compact clip-on design of standard golf towels is hard to beat.

Key Takeaway: Caddy towels excel at cleaning clubs while golf towels are great for portable, general use. Most golfers carry both types.

How To Use a Caddy Towel

Using a caddy towel is easy thanks to the innovative slit design:

  1. Wet one side of the caddy towel before your round or when needed. Water allows it to absorb dirt and debris better.
  2. Drape the caddy towel over your top iron or desired club so the slit opening slides over the shaft. The towel will hang securely.
  3. After each shot, clean the entire clubface and sole by thoroughly wiping with the wet side of the towel.
  4. You can also periodically clean grips by wrapping the towel around and wiping off dirt.
  5. Rotate to a dry section of towel as needed. Caddy towels retain water well in their thick material.
  6. Re-wet the towel if it starts to dry out to keep cleaning power maximum.

With the caddy towel conveniently dangling from your bag, club cleaning takes just seconds after each shot.

How To Use a Golf Towel

Taking advantage of your golf towel is also very straightforward:

  1. Attach the towel to your bag using the grommet or clip system. Ensure it is fixed securely.
  2. Access the towel by unclipping or removing from the attachment point when needed.
  3. Dry hands by unfolding the towel and wiping off any moisture or dirt.
  4. Clean clubs by wiping the faces quickly after shots, rotating to a clean area of towel.
  5. Dry golf balls on the putting surface by wiping off any moisture or debris that could affect roll.
  6. Re-clip the golf towel in place on your bag after use.

The convenient clip-on design means your golf towel is always right where you need it for quick cleanups.

Which Towel is Best For You?

So which style of golf towel is optimal for your needs? Here are some factors to consider:

  • If thorough club cleaning is your priority for peak performance, a caddy towel is the best choice.
  • If you want a versatile, portable towel at a lower price point, a golf towel gets the job done.
  • Look at the size of your bag – caddy towels take up more space, while golf towels conserve room.
  • Golf towels come in tons of color options to match your style. Caddy towels are typically white.
  • Evaluate your budget – caddy towels cost a little more but also last longer if cared for.

For many golfers, the ideal solution is carrying both a caddy towel for club cleaning and golf towel for handling miscellaneous tasks and moisture. Investing in a quality caddy towel can take your gear cleaning to the next level.

Key Takeaway: Consider size needs, cleaning priorities, and budget to choose between caddy and golf towels or owning both.

Caring for Your Golf Towels

To get the most life from golf towels and keep them performing at their best, proper care is essential:

Avoid overly hot dryer cycles when laundering. Use a low or no heat setting. Hang to dry instead of the dryer when possible to reduce wear and tear.
Wash gently in cold water using a mild detergent. Avoid bleach or other harsh chemicals that could degrade the fabric. Roll up towels loosely when storing rather than folding, which can cause creasing. Use a waterproof golf bag or keep towels in a side pocket to prevent exposure to excess moisture when not in use.

Consider using a towel clip or ring to attach your towel to your bag. This reduces dragging and fraying. Spot clean stains promptly with a gentle cleaner designed for performance fabrics. Don’t let them set in.
Replace your golf towels periodically as needed when they become worn, damaged or unable to absorb water well.

Caring for your golf towels helps them better serve your game. Investing in quality towels and maintaining them well is a smart move for all golfers serious about clean gear and peak play. With some basic care and precautions, your golf towels can deliver rounds upon rounds of reliable performance.


What is the difference between a caddy towel and a golf towel?

A caddy towel is a large, thick towel designed specifically for cleaning golf clubs. It features an absorbent microfiber or terry cloth material, measures around 16″x25″ or larger, and has a slit or hole in the middle to slide onto a golf club. A golf towel is a smaller, clip-on style towel, usually around 12″x12″, made for general drying and cleaning tasks like wiping hands and balls.

What are the benefits of using a caddy towel?

Caddy towels excel at thoroughly cleaning club faces, grooves, and grips thanks to their large size and absorbent fabric. This can optimize club performance by improving spin and contact. Their slit design also makes them very convenient to use on the course. Caddy towels are also extremely durable, often lasting hundreds of rounds.

What are the benefits of using a standard golf towel?

Standard golf towels are extremely portable thanks to their compact clip-on design. They can be easily attached to any golf bag. Their small size also makes them versatile for quick cleanups, drying hands and balls, and wiping off any club face or equipment both on and off the course. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs to match personal styles.

Should I carry both a caddy towel and golf towel?

Many golfers choose to carry both towels. This allows you to have the deep cleaning functionality of the caddy towel while also having the portable convenience of a compact golf towel for quick tasks. Carrying just one or the other comes down to personal preference and priorities.

How do I properly care for my golf towels?

To maximize longevity, wash golf towels in cold water on a gentle cycle using mild detergent. Line dry when possible instead of machine drying on high heat. Avoid harsh chemicals and spot treat stains promptly. Store loosely rolled instead of folded. Consider using a towel clip or ring to reduce wear and replace when damaged or excessively worn.


Having quality towels on hand is a key part of every golfer’s arsenal for peak play.

Both caddy towels and standard golf towels serve important roles when it comes to caring for your equipment.

Caddy towels excel at deep cleaning club faces to increase spin and control.

Multi-purpose golf towels offer portability and convenience for quick cleanups out on the course.

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