How to Put a Caddy Towel on Your Golf Bag

A caddy towel is a large, often rectangular golf towel with a hole in the middle designed to hang on your golf bag.

How to Put a Caddy Towel on Your Golf Bag

Caddy towels are favored by many golfers because the hole allows you to easily drape the towel over your clubs. This keeps the towel readily available during your round to wipe dirt off your clubfaces and golf balls.

Putting a caddy towel on your golf bag correctly ensures you can access it when needed. An improperly placed caddy towel may drag on the ground or get tangled in your clubs.

Why Use a Caddy Towel?

Caddy towels have several key benefits:

  • The hole allows you to hang the towel on your clubs, keeping it off the ground. Ground contact can cause a dirty, wet towel that transfers mud and grass onto your equipment.
  • They are often made from absorbent materials like waffle weave or microfiber to effectively clean clubfaces.
  • Caddy towels come in oversized dimensions to thoroughly clean clubfaces with one pass.
  • Hanging centrally located on your bag means you can access the towel from either side to wipe grips or gear before shots.

Using a properly placed caddy towel makes keeping your gear clean much easier compared to small towels stashed in your bag.

Where to Hang a Caddy Towel on a Golf Bag

Stand Bags

For stand bags, hang your caddy towel from the towel loop or ring. Most have this dedicated ring on the bag’s spine behind where the legs retract. Clipping here suspends the towel above the ground when the legs are out without interfering with them.

If your stand bag lacks a towel loop, look for a side accessory loop to hang from. These loops designed to hold gloves or brushes also work with caddy towel carabiners.

Key Takeaway: For stand bags, hang caddy towels on the built-in towel loop or an accessory side loop. This keeps the towel accessible and off the ground.

Cart Bags

Cart bags lack retractable legs, allowing more flexibility when positioning your caddy towel. The key is hanging it somewhere centrally located between your woods and irons. This allows easy access from either side when wiping grips and gear.

Many cart bags have towel rings on the spine you can utilize. If not, look for other horizontal tubes or rings across the bag’s upper quarter to hang from. Draping perpendicular to your club tubes prevents the towel contacting the ground.

You can also hang cart bag caddy towels from the top handles. Ensure it hangs freely without catching on zippers or pockets.

Key Takeaway: For cart bags, hang caddy towels centrally from towel rings, upper bag rings/tubes, or bag handles. Position to prevent ground contact.

Staff Bags

Staff/tour bags offer the most placement options given their large size and multitude of accessory rings and loops. But utilize the same central positioning guidelines as cart bags.

Look for horizontal upper bag rings running perpendicular to the clubs to hang from. Hanging from vertical rings risks the towel dangling and catching on gear.

Sunday/Pencil Bags

Small Sunday and pencil bags often lack dedicated towel loops. But you can still utilize a caddy towel by:

  • Attaching a carabiner to an upper side accessory loop found on many Sunday bags.
  • Weaving through a set of upper clubs perpendicular to the hole. This prevents slippage.
  • Using a magnetic caddy towel clipped to metal bag frames on most pencil bags.

Keep towels on small bags as centralized and elevated as possible given the compact frames.

How to Hang a Caddy Towel – Step By Step

Follow these simple steps to properly hang a caddy golf towel on your bag:

Step 1: Obtain a Towel Hanging Accessory

If your caddy towel didn’t come with a hanging accessory, pick up:

  • carabiner clip to connect towel grommets or loops to bag rings.
  • Retractable towel clips that pinch material and clip onto loops.
  • A small hook with closure to connect to towel holes.

Choose an accessory suiting your specific towel style and bag setup.

Step 2: Locate an Anchor Point on Your Golf Bag

Examine your golf bag for potential anchor points as covered in the section above. Look for:

  • Dedicated towel loops on stand and many cart bags.
  • Upper side accessory loops able to hold lighter items.
  • Horizontal tube frames and rings with enough space to hang a towel.

Also ensure your bag is on flat ground so the towel hangs properly.

Step 3: Attach Your Towel Clip or Carabiner

With your anchor point identified, attach your hanging accessory to the caddy towel:

  • For carabiners, connect one end to the grommet or loop on the towel.
  • Insert retracting clips through the towel hole, material, or loop.
  • Attach closure hooks through towel holes.

Ensure the accessory connects snugly to prevent towel slippage.

Step 4: Hang the Caddy Towel on Your Golf Bag

Now take the free end of your carabiner, towel clip, or hook and attach it to your preselected golf bag anchor point.

Thread the connector through bag loops, around horizontal frames, or over handles. Position centrally between woods and irons if possible.

Let the towel drape freely without contacting other gear or the ground.

Step 5: Adjust the Towel Height

If the caddy towel doesn’t hang properly, adjust the height to prevent ground contact. For carabiners and loops, try connecting higher or lower bag rings.

You can also knot the towel upwards on clips or hooks to raise it. Check periodically during rounds and adjust after bag movements if needed.

Alternative Caddy Towel Hanging Methods

If your golf bag lacks loops and horizontal rings, get creative with these caddy towel hanging methods:

  • Hang from your umbrella holder if your bag is compatible. Prevent entanglement with the Velcro strap.
  • Attach to the handle of a push cart if you walk and the frame allows.
  • Drape over your woods and hybrids, avoiding obstruction with your most-used clubs.
  • Allow the thickness of a rolled-up extra jacket in your bag to hold the towel.
  • Use a magnetic wrist towel clipped to any metal bag parts.

In a pinch, hanging options are only limited by your imagination!

Caddy Towel Care Guidelines

Properly caring for your caddy towel ensures it remains absorbent and usable:

  • Air dry thoroughly after use by hanging on bag overnight to prevent mildew.
  • Wash periodically in cold water to remove grime buildup. Avoid fabric softener, as it reduces absorbency.
  • Replace faded or failing hanging grommets/loops to maintain secure connections.
  • Store any spare or travel towels separately when wet. Zipped pockets inhibit drying.

Following care guidelines maximizes longevity from quality golf caddy towels.

Common Caddy Towel Issues

Here are solutions to frequent caddy towel headaches:

  • Problem: Towel drags on ground during bag movements.
  • Solution: Raise hanging height, hang from upper bag locations.
  • Problem: Towel slips off clips and hooks.
  • Solution: Tighten accessory connections, knot material upwards.
  • Problem: Towel gets tangled with grip ends.
  • Solution: Avoid side hanging on bags lacking central frames.

Proper towel assessment beforehand and periodic adjustments prevent these issues from slowing down your round.


How are caddy towels different than regular golf towels?

Caddy towels contain a centered hole allowing easy hanging over bag frames to keep them easily accessible when needed.

They come in larger sizes, often exceeding 16 x 24 inches, for cleaning gear in fewer passes.

Materials like waffle weave promote superior absorbency with rain and dirt.

Should you use the same caddy towel for equipment and hands?

Use separate towels when possible – a dirty gear towel risks transferring grime onto your hands and grip. Stash an extra hand towel in a side pocket.

Why hang a towel instead of stash in the bag?

Hanging provides quick access when needed to clean faces between shots without digging into crowded pockets. It also allows proper towel drying to prevent mildew.

Can you hang any towel with grommets using the caddy method?

You can attempt to hang any towel, but smaller dimensions won’t cover larger gear well without corner clipping. Non-center holes also risk skewed hanging.


Using a caddy towel is an easy way to keep your golf gear clean on the course. Properly positioning the towel on your bag ensures you can access it whenever needed.

Pay attention to dedicated towel anchors like loops and rings when hanging. For bags lacking attachments, get creative with carabiners, umbrella holders, or simply draping over your club heads.

Periodically check that your towel hangs freely without dragging or getting tangled during play. Follow care guidelines as well – let towels fully dry after rounds and wash out grime to maintain maximum absorbency.

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