How to Use a Caddy Towel

A caddy towel is a must-have accessory for any golfer. As the name suggests, caddy towels are designed specifically for golfers and caddies to use out on the course.

How to Use a Caddy Towel

The most noticeable feature of caddy towels is the hole punched right in the middle.

But what exactly is this hole for and how do you properly use a golf towel with a hole in the middle?

What is a Caddy Towel?

A caddy towel is a specialty golf towel that has a hole punctured in the direct center. The towels are usually made from a lightweight microfiber material that is ultra-absorbent and fast-drying. Caddy towels come in a variety of colors and feature golf-related graphics or logos.

The distinct hole in the middle serves several key functions:

  • Allows the towel to be easily draped over a golf club for convenient cleaning and wiping while playing.
  • Enables the towel to be securely hung from a golf bag, cart or belt clip when not in use.
  • Provides a practical way to carry a towel around the course hands-free.

Additionally, most caddy towels include a smaller “hand towel” or “ball towel” for cleaning golf balls and hands specifically.

Key Takeaway: A caddy towel has a hole in the middle to allow for easy hanging from bags and clubs, hands-free carrying, and quick access for cleaning equipment mid-game.

Hanging a Caddy Towel on a Golf Bag

Hanging your caddy towel on the golf bag when you’re not actively using it is the proper way to stow it. Here is a simple step-by-step method:

  1. Obtain a carabiner, towel loop clip, or other connector. Make sure it is large and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the towel.
  2. Identify a secure spot on the exterior of your golf bag to attach the clip. Common places include bag handles, zipper pulls, umbrella straps, or side loops.
  3. Loop your connector through the hole in the middle of the caddy towel. Center the towel so equal fabric hangs on both sides.
  4. Affix the clip and towel to your chosen golf bag location. Perform a gentle tug test to confirm nothing will come loose mid-game.
  5. When ready to use the towel simply unclip it, or slide clubs through the hole as needed to access the fabric.
  6. After wiping equipment or hands, return the caddy towel to its hanging spot on the bag.

Having quick access to a dangling caddy towel makes cleaning grips and balls convenient when out on the links.

Wrapping Around Golf Clubs

One of the best features of caddy towels with holes is the ability to easily wrap them on clubs for handy cleaning and wiping. Here is how to best utilize this versatile towel trait while playing:

  1. Select the golf club requiring wipe-down. This is often an iron that picked up grass clippings or dirt after a swing.
  2. orient the head of the club toward the open hole in the middle of the towel. Flatten any creases in the fabric.
  3. Wrap the towel fully around the clubhead until the hole openings align. Adjust so logo and graphics face outward.
  4. Slide the handle of the golf club through the centralized hole. Center the clubhead inside towel.
  5. Hold club by grip only to isolate the head. Rotate club while simultaneously wiping towel over entire surface area.
  6. Remove club from towel hole once clean. Separate towel from clubhead and return to hanging position on golf bag.

The microfiber will easily brush debris off clubfaces thanks to the convenient hands-free wrap-around design. This helps maintain optimal club and ball contact.

Cleaning Golf Balls

A caddy towel is specially intended for wiping and drying golf balls during a round. Here is the best practice:

  1. Feel golf ball to identify muddy or soaked areas. Avoid rubbing dirt into cleaner sections.
  2. Grip towel by edges and locate stained areas of ball. Use a blotting motion to lift matter from surface.
  3. Wrap towel fully around ball, enclosing it inside fabric. Roll vigorously between palms to transfer dirt onto towel.
  4. Visually inspect ball post-cleaning. Repeat steps as needed until satisfactory.
  5. Use corner or less dirty portion of towel to polish ball surface. Check for remaining dust or particles.
  6. Return clean, dry golf ball to play. Be sure to re-hang towel neatly afterward.

The absorbent towel helps dry the surface of washed balls so they perform at peak quality during subsequent shots.

Caring for Your Caddy Towel

Like all golf gear, proper maintenance is key to ensuring an extended usable lifespan from your caddy towel:

  • Rinse thoroughly after heavy use – This removes embedded dirt, grass, and grime leftover from wiping clubs or balls.
  • Wash periodically – Machine wash caddy towels solo using cold water and mild detergents. Never use fabric softener.
  • Air dry only – Tumble drying can degrade microfiber and stretch logos over time. Lay towel flat instead.
  • Avoid excessive heat – High temperatures from machine drying or car interiors can damage the special material.
  • Brush lint/debris – For upkeep between washes, use a stiff brush or sticky roller on the fabric to dislodge clingy particles.
  • Spot treat stains – Soak up spills immediately using a damp section of the towel or dab with stain remover.

With repeated play, expect some pilling around the hole after hanging. Clip any stubborn pills away as needed.


Why do caddy towels have a hole?

The hole allows convenient draping over clubs for cleaning mid-game. It also permits easy hanging on bags and clips when not actively wiping equipment.

What is the best way to hang a golf towel?

Use carabiners, clips or loops on your golf bag. Thread the connector through the pre-existing hole on caddy towels then securely fasten in place.

How do you wrap a golf towel around a club?

Hold the clubface up to the open hole on the towel. Wrap the fabric fully around the head then slide the handle through to the opposite hole side.

Can you put a caddy towel in the dryer?

Air drying is best. The high heat of dryers can damage special coatings on microfiber overtime. Drape over a rod or lay fully open instead.

How often should you wash a golf towel?

About every 10-15 uses or when excessively soiled. Use cold water and delicate cycles only. Reshape hole as needed post-wash.


From convenient transport while walking courses to the instant wipe-down of dirty gear, a golf towel with a hole takes the headache out of keeping equipment clean during play.

Hanging it properly on the bag keeps it easily accessible when duty calls.

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