How To Fold Bath Towels To Save Space

Do you ever open your linen closet and find a messy pile of towels tumbling out? Or maybe your towel storage looks like it was hit by a tornado? This common issue happens when towels are folded inconsistently and don’t stack well.

How To Fold Bath Towels To Save Space

Luckily, there are several space-saving techniques for folding towels that will transform your linen closet. Using specific folds like the tri-fold, roll fold, or narrow fold will give you tidy, organized towels. These methods also reduce wrinkles in towels and make them more attractive for display.

The key is finding the right folding style to maximize your available storage space. Read on to learn folding techniques to save room with bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths.

Sort Towels By Size Before Folding

When tackling a towel folding project, start by sorting towels by size. This includes bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and kitchen towels. You can take this opportunity to remove any worn, ripped, or non-absorbent towels from your linen closet.

Also, consider sorting by color if you want towels stacked in a certain pattern. Having towels grouped by size and color makes the folding process quicker and leads to neater stacks.

Measure Your Shelf Size

Knowing the dimensions of your shelving and storage areas will help determine the best folding method. The ideal fold creates solid, compact stacks that fit the shelf properly without falling over or sticking out.

If displaying folded towels openly, measure towel bars, racks, and baskets too. Then you can choose folding techniques that maximize your available space.

Use the Tri-Fold For Narrow Shelves

The tri-fold works perfectly for narrow shelves and small storage areas. It makes towels long and skinny, so they stack well side-by-side.

To tri-fold a towel:

  • Lay it flat on a table.
  • Fold the towel in half, matching up the short ends.
  • Fold it in half again, short end to short end, creating a long rectangle.
  • Fold the towel in thirds by bringing the short ends to the center.

The end result is a tidy, compact towel bundle that slides neatly onto narrow shelving.

Roll Towels For a Spa Look

Roll Towels For a Spa Look

Rolling towels are ideal if you want a fancy, spa-like look for your bathroom. It also saves loads of space if your storage is in cylindrical containers like bins or wire baskets.

Follow these steps to roll towels:

  • Spread the towel flat on a table.
  • Fold one corner diagonally into the center to make a point.
  • Fold the towel in half lengthwise.
  • Starting at the open short end, roll tightly to the pointed corner.
  • Tuck the pointed flap into the roll to secure it.

The rolled towels can stand upright in baskets or align in rows.

Use the Deep Fold For Deep Shelves

If your shelves have ample vertical space, the deep fold maximizes storage. It creates dense, stackable towel bundles that don’t topple over.

To deep fold a towel:

  • Lay the towel flat, finished side down.
  • Fold the long sides to meet at the center.
  • Fold the towel in half lengthwise.
  • Fold the short ends inward, leaving a gap between them.
  • Fold the towel together at the gap.

The end result is a neat towel package that fits snugly on deep shelves.

The Narrow Fold Works For Any Shelf

You can use the narrow fold on any size shelf, but it’s especially good for tight spaces. It makes towels very compact in width.

Follow these narrow-fold steps:

  • Fold the towel lengthwise in half.
  • Fold it in half again at the midpoint to make a long rectangle.
  • Fold the rectangle into thirds from the short end.
  • Store folded towels with the edges facing down to avoid unraveling.

For super narrow spaces, roll the folded towel tightly from end to end instead of the third fold.

Fold Washcloths And Hand Towels Too

Smaller towels like washcloths and hand towels can also be folded using any of the above techniques. The tri-fold and rolled methods are particularly good for compact stacks of hand towels.

Adjust your folds based on the towel size. For example, you may need to fold hand towels in half before doing a narrow fold. Take the time to experiment with each fold so your stacks look uniform.

Refold Towels After Every Wash

Get in the habit of refolding towels after washing them. Leaving them in a messy pile leads to wrinkled, misshapen towels over time.

Refolding towels while they are fully dried also prevents mildew growth from any hidden damp spots.

Take a minute to neatly fold each towel using your chosen technique. Your linen closet will always look fresh, and you’ll quickly grab towels when needed.

Display Folded Towels for a Spa Look

Instead of stashing all your neatly folded towels out of sight, put some stacks on display! This elevates the look of any bathroom by making it feel like a soothing spa.

Try these ideas for showing off folded towels:

  • Stack them in a pyramid shape on open shelves.
  • Place folded towels in hanging baskets or bins.
  • Arrange rolled towels in a basket on a shelf or countertop.
  • Lay folded towels on a small table or platter.


How do you fold towels to hang on bars?

For hanging folded towels on bars, fold the towel in thirds lengthwise first. Then fold it in half to create a rectangle. Finally, fold one short end into the center.

Where is the best place to fold towels?

Fold towels on a flat surface like a table or bed for the neatest results. This prevents dropping towels mid-fold and gives you room to smooth wrinkles.

How often should you refold towels?

Plan to refold towels after every wash while they are fully dry. Leaving damp towels piled together can cause mildew.

Do you fold hand towels differently than bath towels?

You can use the same folding techniques for hand towels and bath towels. Just adjust sizing as needed, like folding hand towels in half first.


With the right folding tricks, your towel storage will transform from messy to spa-like in no time! Test out different space-saving folds to determine what works best for your unique storage areas and shelves.

Aim for consistency in folding so your stacks stay neat. And remember to refold after each wash to keep towels fresh and wrinkle-free. Tidy folded towels make such a difference in the feel of any bathroom.

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