How Big Are Beach Towels?

Going to the beach is one of the most popular summer pastimes. Lounging on the sand with the sun shining down as the waves crash along the shoreline is a quintessential warm weather experience. To fully enjoy a day of fun in the sun at the beach, having the right gear is essential.

One of the most important items for a beach day is a beach towel. But with so many options on the market, many first-time beachgoers wonder – how big are beach towels?

How Big Are Beach Towels

The size of a beach towel is an important factor to consider when purchasing one. You want a towel that is big enough to lounge on comfortably without your feet hanging off the end.

But you also don’t want an oversized towel that is difficult to carry and takes up too much room in your beach bag.

Standard Beach Towel Dimensions

Most standard beach towels range from 30-40 inches wide and 60-70 inches long. This makes them noticeably larger than a typical bath towel, which is around 27 x 52 inches. The increased size of beach towels is to provide enough surface area to comfortably lay on while sunbathing or lounging at the beach.

Here is an overview of the typical size range for standard beach towels:

  • Width: 30-40 inches
  • Length: 60-70 inches

Many popular beach towel brands like Lands’ End and Laguna Beach Textile Co. offer towels in this standard size range. For example, the Lands’ End Beach Towel measures 39 x 78 inches while the Laguna Beach Cabana Towel is 35 x 70 inches. Both provide ample space for most people to sprawl out on the sand.

So if you want a versatile beach towel for lounging, drying off, and wrapping up in, a standard size around 30-40 x 60-70 inches is a good choice. It provides enough coverage for full body relaxation at the beach without being overly bulky or difficult to carry.

Oversized Beach Towel Dimensions

For those who really want to spread out at the beach, oversized beach towels provide even more generously sized real estate. Oversized beach towels measure approximately 40 inches wide and 70-80 inches long, although some are even larger.

Some examples of oversized beach towel dimensions include:

  • Ocoopa Microfiber Beach Towel: 57 x 80 inches
  • Laguna Beach Oversized Beach Towel: 42 x 80 inches
  • Cloud Mountain Oversized Sand Free Beach Towel: 78 x 35 inches

Brands like Dock & Bay and Sun of a Beach offer oversized beach towels in the 42 x 80 inch range, which provides ample room for multiple people to lounge comfortably.

The main benefit of an oversized beach towel is the extra space for sprawling out on the sand. These extra large towels allow you to fully stretch out without worrying about your feet touching the beach. They also provide enough room to share with a friend or significant other.

However, the downside is that significantly larger towels can be more difficult to transport. Their hefty size and weight takes up substantial room in a beach bag. If ease of portability is a priority, an oversized towel may not be the best option for your needs.

Beach Towel vs. Bath Towel Size

To understand beach towel dimensions better, it helps to compare them to the size of standard bath towels.

The majority of bath towels measure around 27 x 52 inches. Some oversized bath towels can reach up to 30 x 58 inches. Clearly, bath towels are smaller in both width and length compared to most beach towels.

The modest size of bath towels is because they are designed solely for drying off indoors after a shower or bath. Beach towels need to be larger to provide a comfortable barrier between your body and the sand. Their increased dimensions allow beachgoers to fully lie down and stretch out while sunbathing or relaxing.

So if you’re in a pinch and need to use a bath towel at the beach, go for the largest one you have. But for optimal comfort and coverage, choose an actual beach towel that offers greater surface area.

Factors That Determine Beach Towel Size

When deciding what size beach towel you need, there are a few factors to consider:

Personal Preference

Think about how much space you prefer to have when laying out on the beach. If you like to fully stretch out with plenty of wiggle room, an oversized towel is likely the best fit. If you just need basic lounging space, a standard size will suffice.

Body Size

Larger individuals may want to size up to an oversized beach towel to ensure full coverage. Similarly, taller people may want to opt for a longer towel if they find standard lengths too short.

Number of Users

If you plan to share your beach towel with a partner, friend or kids, go bigger to accommodate multiple people. An oversized towel provides ample room for two or more.


Bulkier oversized towels are harder to transport from home to beach. If you’re walking or biking to the beach, a standard towel may be easier to manage.

Beach Activities

If you’ll be playing sports like volleyball that need extra space, choose a larger towel. For just lounging or drying off, a regular size is fine.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can choose the ideal beach towel size that suits your needs and preferences.

Specialty Beach Towel Sizes

Aside from standard and oversized towels, there are a few specialty beach towel sizes worth mentioning:

Travel Beach Towels

On the smaller end of the spectrum, travel beach towels are more compact and portable. They usually measure around 25 x 50 inches. While not big enough for lounging, they still dry off water and provide a barrier from sand. Their petite size makes them ideal for excursions where space is limited.

Beach Sarongs

Beach sarongs are lightweight towels that double as sarongs or beach wraps. Their dimensions can vary greatly but are typically long rectangles measuring about 35-40 x 65-70 inches. The multipurpose functionality makes them popular travel companions.

Beach Blankets

Beach blankets are oversized blankets meant to provide ample space for multiple people to sit. They are not intended for drying off. Typical beach blanket dimensions are 50 x 60 inches or larger. Some jumbo beach blankets measure up to 10 x 10 feet!

Finding the Right Fit for You

When it comes to beach towel sizes, there is no universal perfect size that fits all scenarios. The right beach towel dimensions for you depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Here are a few closing tips for choosing the ideal size:

  • If you just need basic drying and lounging space, a standard 30 x 60 inch towel is a safe bet. This compact size still allows stretching out while keeping the towel easy to manage.
  • For ample lounging real estate, oversized 40 x 80 inch towels provide spacious coverage for sprawling out. Just be prepared to carry the extra bulk.
  • If sharing with a partner, get a larger oversized towel to accommodate two people comfortably.
  • Measure your height and add at least 5-10 inches to determine the ideal towel length for full body coverage.
  • Prioritize portability for beach and travel by opting for thinner, compact towels that pack up smaller.

With this guide’s insight on beach towel dimensions, you now have the knowledge to shop with confidence and find the perfect size towel for all your sandy adventures!


How big is an extra large beach towel?

Extra large beach towels typically measure about 40 x 80 inches, which provides ample surface area for lounging. Some may be even larger at up to 42 x 84 inches. The extended length and width of oversized beach towels allow beachgoers to fully stretch out.

What size should a beach towel be?

The ideal beach towel size is 30-40 inches wide and at least 60 inches long. This provides enough space to comfortably lay down and wrap yourself in the towel while still being easy to transport. Extra large towels are great if you want maximum lounging space.

Are beach towels bigger than bath towels?

Yes, beach towels are larger in both length and width compared to most bath towels. While bath towels average 27 x 52 inches, beach towels are 30-40 inches wide and 60-70 inches long. The bigger size provides more coverage for relaxing on the sand.

How big is a beach towel in cm?

A standard beach towel is approximately 80-100 cm wide by 150-180 cm long. Oversized options can be up to 100-110 cm wide and 200-210 cm long. Measurements in centimeters allow easy size comparisons to bath towels worldwide.

Can I use a bath towel as a beach towel?

While you can use a bath towel at the beach, they are smaller so they don’t provide as much coverage. A bath towel is fine for drying off but too small for fully laying down. For comfort, go with an actual large beach towel whenever possible.


Beach towels come in a range of sizes, from standard 30 x 60 inches to oversized 40 x 80 inches and beyond.

The right size for you depends on factors like body size, number of users, portability needs, and intended activities.

When shopping for a beach towel, think about how much space you need to lounge comfortably on the sand.

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