What Is A Pet Towel

Pet towels are designed specifically for drying off dogs, cats, and other pets after activities like bathing, swimming, or playing in the rain.

Pet Towels

Unlike regular towels for human use, pet towels are often made from super-absorbent materials that can soak up a lot of moisture quickly.

This helps speed up the drying process so you can get your pet clean and dry again faster.

Pet Towel Materials

There are a few common fabrics used to make quality pet towels:

  • Microfiber is a very fine synthetic fiber that has incredible absorbency. It soaks up to 7 times its weight in liquid. Microfiber pet towels dry extremely fast as well.
  • Bamboo is a sustainable fabric made from bamboo pulp that is extra soft yet highly absorbent. Bamboo pet towels are gentle on the skin.
  • Cotton is a popular natural fiber used in towels. High-quality pet towels use long staple cotton that is very soft and absorbent.
  • Polyester is a strong, durable synthetic often blended with other fibers like microfiber. It creates very quick-drying towels.

Each material has its own advantages. Pet parents should look for towels made with super-absorbent, fast-drying fabrics that are gentle on their pet’s coat. High-quality microfiber or bamboo blend towels are ideal choices.

Caring for Pet Towels

To keep pet towels working effectively, it’s important to wash them properly:

  • Wash pet towels separately from regular laundry. The lint and hair can cling to other fabrics.
  • Use a gentle, perfume-free detergent without dyes or fabric softener. These additives can coat the fibers and reduce absorbency over time.
  • Skip the bleach to maintain the color and integrity of the towels. Bleach can damage the fibers.
  • Wash in warm or cool water, not hot. Heat can break down microfiber and other synthetic fibers.
  • Air dry or tumble dry on low to prevent damage from high heat. Avoid using dryer sheets as well.

With the proper care, a high-quality microfiber or bamboo pet towel can last for years of regular use. Washing separately and avoiding harsh detergents are key to maintaining their absorbency and longevity.

Drying Pets With Towels

Drying Pets With Towels

Using a pet towel properly helps get your dog, cat or other pets dry quickly while keeping the mess contained:

  • Wrap the whole towel around your pet so their body is covered. This prevents shaking and splashing.
  • Gently pat and rub to absorb moisture instead of letting your pet shake themselves dry. Rubbing also helps lift dirt and loose hair.
  • Focus on paws and legs to keep floors and carpets from getting wet. Pay extra attention to areas that tend to stay damp.
  • Use pockets on towels designed to hold pets close while drying. This keeps them from squirming away.
  • Dry head and ears with a separate, dedicated towel to avoid transferring dirt and bacteria. Be extra gentle around faces.
  • Work in sections for long-haired pets, drying the body and then moving to the legs, tail, and head last. Change towels as needed.

With some patience and the right technique, pet parents can get even energetic, wiggly pets dry without too much fuss.

Types of Pet Towels

There are a few popular styles when it comes to pet towels:

  • Basic towels are flat panels made of microfiber, cotton, bamboo, or other absorbent fabrics. They come in a range of sizes.
  • Hooded towels have attached hoods to wrap around a pet’s head while drying their body. This style helps contain moisture and spraying.
  • Mitts and gloves are designed to fit over your hands to rub and pat your pet dry. The fabric absorbs moisture while protecting your skin.
  • Drying robes wrap fully around your pet almost like a blanket to keep them contained while drying. They are very absorbent and fast-drying.
  • Drying bags are pouches made of microfiber or other fabric that you place your pet inside. The inner lining absorbs moisture as it stands inside.

There are also towels with handy features like pockets or super plush textures for added comfort. Choose the style that works best for your pet’s temperament and body type.

Customized Pet Towels

Customized Pet Towels

For pet owners who want a more personalized touch, there are options for customized pet towels:

  • Monogrammed towels can be embroidered or printed with your pet’s name or initials. This adds a unique, personal detail.
  • Custom prints allow pet parents to choose fun designs featuring their pet’s breed, name, photos, and more.
  • Zazzle, VistaPrint, and other online sites let you design fully customized towels just for your pet. Most will ship directly to you.
  • Bandanas can also be printed with your pet’s name or cute designs. These serve as both a fashion accessory and drying cloth.

Personalized pet towels make great gifts for pet lovers. Adding your pet’s name or an inside joke makes the towels even more special.

Why Pet Towels?

There are a few key reasons why pet towels are useful to have on hand:

  • They make bath time and cleaning up pets faster and easier with their ultra-absorbency.
  • Pet towels help contain mess and moisture, preventing wet pets from spraying water all over your home.
  • They are durable and reusable, saving you money over disposable towels.
  • Customized pet towels add personality and fun to drying your pets.
  • Specialized materials are gentle on sensitive pet skin and won’t catch or pull fur.
  • Pet towels allow you to get in close contact by wrapping pets up to dry them thoroughly.

Next time your pet needs drying, reach for a towel made just for their needs. Pet towels make the experience easier for both of you!


How are microfiber pet towels different from regular microfiber towels?

Pet towels made from microfiber use a denser weave and thicker pile specifically engineered to absorb more water faster than regular microfiber. The fabrics are also designed to be extra gentle on sensitive dog and cat skin.

What temperature should I wash pet towels in?

To protect the fibers, pet towels with microfiber or bamboo should be washed in warm or cool water temperatures, avoiding hot water. Excessive heat can damage the synthetic fibers over time, shortening the life of the towels.

Can I put pet towels in the dryer?

Yes, pet towels can go in the dryer but should be dried on a low or delicate setting. High heat can damage or shrink the fibers. Tumble drying helps restore the fluffiness but air drying works as well. Avoid dryer sheets.

How often should pet towels be washed?

For regular use, wash pet towels at least once a week to prevent the buildup of bacteria, dirt, and pet dander. Towels used on muddy or very-soiled pets may need washing after each use. Wash towels separately from other laundry.

What is the best way to dry a long-haired pet with towels?

Work in sections for the fullest coats. Start by wrapping the body in a pet towel, and gently patting dry. Move next to the legs, then the tail, head, and ears using a fresh towel for the face. Change towels whenever they become saturated.


Pet towels are designed to make drying off a quick and easy process through their ultra-absorbent fabrics.

Choosing the right materials and proper care extends the life of these towels.

With styles ranging from basic to hooded and customized, pet parents can find the perfect towels to suit their pet’s personality and their own needs.

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