Sand Cloud Towel vs. Blanket

Sand Cloud exploded onto the beach scene in 2014 with their signature quick-drying, sand-resistant towels.

Sand Cloud Towel vs. Blanket

Since their viral Shark Tank appearance, they have expanded their product line to include blankets as well as towels.

But with so many options now available, should you choose a Sand Cloud towel or blanket for your next beach adventure?

Towel vs Blanket: Key Differences

There are a few key differences between Sand Cloud’s towels and blankets that are important to understand before making your purchase:


  • Towels – Sand Cloud’s signature towels measure approximately 36″ x 72″. This makes them nicely oversized for drying off or lounging for one person.
  • Blankets – The blankets measure a spacious 78″ x 87″ making them better suited for lounging with friends or family. Some of the biggest blankets can fit 3+ people.


  • Towels – Weighing in at just 11 oz, the towels are lightweight and easily portable. They pack down small to fit in your beach bag.
  • Blankets – The blankets are thicker and plusher, so they have more heft to them. But they still fold up surprisingly small for easy transport.


  • Towels – Prices start around $48 for a single towel.
  • Blankets – Prices range from $98 – $148 depending on size. The blankets cost more due to the additional materials.

So if you’re looking for an individual quick-drying beach towel, the regular towels are the way to go. But if you want to lounge comfortably with friends, splurge on a blanket.

Towel vs Blanket Features

Beyond size and price, Sand Cloud’s towels and blankets share some signature features:


Both towels and blankets are made from 100% Turkish cotton. This gives them a luxuriously soft feel while still being lightweight. The textiles are sustainably sourced and dyed using low-impact dyes.

Sand Resistance

A key selling point for Sand Cloud is that their towels and blankets are designed to resist sand. So you don’t have to worry about getting covered in sand or bringing it home with you. The fabric makes it easy to shake out the sand after use.


The Turkish cotton makes both towels and blankets highly absorbent yet quick-drying. They soak up water fast when you get out of the ocean but dry 3x faster than regular towels.


Despite their large size, the towels and blankets both fold up into a surprisingly compact shape making them easy to toss in your beach bag or luggage.

Fashionable Prints

Sand Cloud offers their towels and blankets in a variety of boho-chic prints from sea turtles to mandalas. Their products are just as much fashion statements as they are functional beach gear.

Key Takeaway: Both the towels and blankets share Sand Cloud’s signature features like sand resistance, quick-drying fabric, and stylish prints. The main differences come down to size and weight.

Best Beach Towel Uses

Sand Cloud’s oversized towels make ideal beach companions because of their absorbency and sand-resistant fabric. Here are some of the best ways to use a Sand Cloud towel:

Drying Off

After a dip in the ocean, wrap yourself in the soft cotton towel to dry off in comfort. The fabric soaks up water quickly while still feeling plush against your skin.


The large size towel provides plenty of room for one person to stretch out comfortably on the sand. No more getting sand all over!

Beach Wrap

When the sun goes down or the ocean breeze kicks up, use your towel as a cozy sarong-style wrap to stay warm on the beach.


Heading to the beach for a picnic? Use your towel as a blanket to sit on to avoid getting sandy during your meal.

Travel & Outdoors

Don’t limit these towels just to beach days! Their compact design makes them ideal for camping trips, pool days, yoga in the park, and more.

Key Takeaway: A Sand Cloud towel is perfectly sized for drying off, lounging for one, wrapping up at night, picnic blankets, and all your adventures beyond the beach.

Towel ProsTowel Cons
Compact and lightweightOnly fits 1 person
Lower price pointNot as plush
Easy to pack in bagsThinner than blankets

Best Beach Blanket Uses

Meanwhile, Sand Cloud’s oversized blankets open up more possibilities for groups thanks to their expansive size. Here’s how to make the most of a SC blanket:

Family Lounging

The spacious blanket provides ample room for families or groups up to 4 to lounge comfortably without being crowded.


Prepare beachside picnics and meals without worrying about the sand. The blanket gives you and your crew plenty of clean, dry space.

Stargazing & Relaxation

One of the best ways to end a beach day is by wrapping up in your giant blanket to relax on the sand while watching the sunset or stargazing.

Parties & Events

If you’re hosting a beach party or event, use Sand Cloud blankets to create comfortable seating areas for all your guests.

Home Uses

Like the towels, the blankets aren’t just for the shore. Use them at the park, camping, outdoor concerts, and even around the house for movie nights and more!

Key Takeaway: A Sand Cloud blanket provides ample room for groups to lounge, picnic, relax and even party while keeping sand at bay.

Blanket ProsBlanket Cons
Roomy fit for groupsBulkier than towels
Ultra-plush feelHigher price tag
Ideal for loungingHeavyweight to transport

How to Care for Sand Cloud Towels & Blankets

To keep your Sand Cloud towels or blankets looking their best, follow these care instructions:

  • Hand wash or gentle machine wash in cold water
  • Hang to air dry or tumble dry on low
  • Wash with similar colors
  • Avoid bleach and fabric softeners
  • Shake out sand after beach trips

Proper care will maintain the soft feel and vibrant colors while extending the life of your Sand Cloud products for many beach seasons to come!


What size are the towels vs blankets?

  • Towels measure approximately 36″ x 72″
  • Blankets measure 78″ x 87″

How much do the towels and blankets weight?

  • Towels weigh around 11 oz
  • Blankets weigh more due to thicker materials

Why are the blankets more expensive?

The blankets use more materials to create the thicker, plusher fabric. This makes them cost more than the regular towels.

What fabric are they made of?

Both towels and blankets are crafted from 100% sustainably sourced Turkish cotton.

Can you personalize the towels or blankets?

Yes! Sand Cloud offers custom embroidery and other personalization options to make their products extra special.

What is Sand Cloud’s return policy?

Sand Cloud offers free returns within 30 days. And if you aren’t 100% satisfied, you can return your items for a full refund.


Sand Cloud revolutionized the beach towel game with their signature quick-drying, sand resistant towels and blankets.

When deciding between the two, consider who you’ll be hitting the beach with and how much room you need.

Solo beach-goers can save money with the compact towels. But larger groups will appreciate the expansive lounging room of the oversized blankets.

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Towels Edition