Dish Towel Storage Ideas

Kitchen towels are essential items that every home cook relies on daily.

Dish Towel Storage Ideas

However, with their constant use, these linens can easily become disorganized and clutter your cabinets or drawers.

Proper storage is key to keeping your dish towels tidy and accessible when you need them.

Assess Your Current Dish Towel Situation

Before setting up a new organizational system, take stock of your current dish towel situation. Here are some key steps:

  • Take inventory: Gather all your kitchen linens and make a count. This includes dish towels, hand towels, cloth napkins, and cleaning rags.
  • Toss stained/worn items: Get rid of any towels that are ripped, overly stained, or worn out.
  • Group by type: Separate dish towels from hand towels and decorative linens. This will make storage easier.
  • Measure your space: Note the size of your existing cabinet or drawer to determine what storage options will fit the space.

Once you’ve completed this assessment, you’ll know exactly how many linens you need to store and can measure the storage area accurately.

Fold Towels Uniformly Using the KonMari Method

Folded uniformly, towels will stack neatly and stand upright in your chosen storage space. The KonMari folding method created by organizational expert Marie Kondo is ideal for kitchen linens.

Here are the folding steps:

  • Lay the towel flat with the long side facing you. Fold it in half lengthwise.
  • Fold the towel in half again, width wise.
  • Fold the towel into thirds lengthwise to create a neat rectangular packet.
  • Store the towel upright, as this helps maximize drawer space.

Folding dish towels this way keeps them tidy, visible, and easy to grab when needed.

Use Drawer Organizers or Dividers

Plastic or wire drawer organizers are great for neatly corralling kitchen linens. They create compartments to separate dish towels from hand towels, cleaning rags, and more. Here are some top options:

  • Wire storage baskets: Sturdy wire baskets provide ventilation so towels dry faster. They come in stackable sizes to fully customize divisions.
  • Cutlery trays: Insert cutlery trays or drawer dividers horizontally to create small vertical sections for folded towels.
  • Interlocking containers: Plastic bins with removable dividers adjust to fit your drawer dimensions.

Consider designating certain bins or sections solely for clean versus used towels to prevent cross-contamination.

Store Towels Vertically in a Drawer

Simply folding towels using the KonMari technique and standing them vertically in a drawer keeps linens visible and organized. Stacked horizontally, towels just become a jumbled heap. Storing them vertically prevents this.

Place folded towels side by side in rows, using the entire vertical space of the drawer. This vertical storage method also lets towels air out for freshness.

Hang Towels Inside a Cabinet Door

Make use of cabinet door space by hanging towels from sturdy hooks. Adhesive or screw-in hooks work well.

  • Use S-hooks to hang towels vertically from the top edge of the door.
  • Install shorter hooks part way down the inside of the door to hold hand towels and rags.

Closing the cabinet door hides the towels from view while keeping them at your fingertips.

Mount a Rod Under Wall Cabinets

Installing a tension rod or towel bar right under your wall cabinets gets towels off the counter. Mount it below wall cabinets near the sink or stove for quick access when cooking.

Opt for spring-loaded rods that expand to fit the width of your cabinetry. Or go for a fixed stainless steel or wooden rod for a built-in look.

Display Towels in a Hanging Fruit Basket

For a charming farmhouse look, store folded dish towels in a hanging wooden fruit basket. The ventilation allows towels to dry out between uses.

Search for shallow baskets about 4 inches deep – the perfect size to display towel folds. Hang the basket on a cabinet door or knob within easy reach.

Roll Towels Inside a Metal Canister

Roll up towels neatly and stand them inside a stainless steel or galvanized metal canister. The cylindrical shape holds multiple rolled towels while keeping them tidy.

Search for canisters between 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Place on the counter or mount them to the wall for easy access.

Use Decorative Crocks or Jars

Stoneware crocks or glass canning jars lend vintage farmhouse charm while corralling towels.

Fill the jar or crock with folded towels. Their weight will keep the vessel in place on the counter. Just be sure to empty and fully dry towels between uses to prevent mildew.

Stash Towels in a Sliding Drawer

Install a custom sliding drawer right inside a standard drawer to double your storage. Build a wooden drawer box to fit inside the existing drawer space, adding side handles for sliding.

This clever hack hides towels away while keeping them accessible. Make sure the sliding drawer is shallow enough to clear the main drawer above when opened.

Toss Towels in a Laundry Basket Below Sink

For an ultra-casual (but space-savvy) approach, place a small laundry basket below the sink to collect used towels.

The open basket allows ventilation so towels dry faster. Toss linens directly into the basket when wet or dirty for easy cleaning.

Hang Towels on Magnetic Strips

Install magnetic strips right on front of cabinets or under wall shelves to hang towels with no hardware required. The strong magnets hold towels securely.

Cut towels with a loop sewn on one end to slide easily over the magnetic strip. Pull towels off effortlessly when needed.

Use Command Hooks for Quick Hanging

Adhesive Command hooks offer a super quick and removable way to hang towels, no drilling or hardware required.

Stick hooks inside cabinet doors, under shelves, or on the sides of your kitchen island. Drape towels over the hooks for an instant hand-towel station.

Mount a Towel Ladder Near the Sink

A leaning ladder-style towel rack positions towels vertically for quick drying and easy access. Search for a ladder design with wide, deep rungs to hold folded towels.

Mount the ladder near the kitchen sink for convenient access while washing dishes and doing cleanup. The vertical design helps linens dry fast.

Set Up “His & Hers” Towel Stations

For busy family kitchens, create personalized hand towel stations for each family member. Mount individual hooks near the sink labeled with family member’s names.

Having dedicated hooks prevents towel mix-ups. It also teaches kids to clean up after themselves when they use their assigned towel.


How many dish towels should you have?

This depends on family size, how often you cook, and how frequently you do laundry. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one towel per person, plus a few extras. 10-15 towels suit most average families.

Where should you store kitchen towels?

The most convenient spots are near the sink, stove or countertops for easy access when cooking and cleaning. Cabinet doors, drawers, hanging racks or baskets work well.

How should you wash dish towels?

Wash towels after each use using hot water and bleach to kill bacteria. Chlorine bleach is best for disinfecting. Don’t mix dish towels with regular laundry – always wash separately.

Should you use bleach on dish towels?

Yes, you should regularly disinfect towels and cloths with bleach. The hot water and bleach kill germs that can transfer to hands and food. Be sure to rinse towels thoroughly.

How do you dry dish towels quickly?

Use hanging racks, towel ladders or baskets that allow air circulation for fastest drying. Storing towels vertically also helps. Replace towels often and wash frequently to prevent mildew smells.


A designated storage solution for kitchen towels helps keep this high-use area organized. Options like over-the-door racks, vertical drawer storage, or custom baskets give towels a tidy home while keeping them at your fingertips for cooking and cleanup.

Implementing an organizational system just for dish towels maintains tidiness and sanitation in your kitchen. No more digging blindly through a chaotic drawer or cluttered counter! With a regular laundry routine, your kitchen linens will always be fresh and at the ready when you need them.

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